Measure and reduce waste across Azrieli properties to improve sustainability practices

The need

How might we decrease local waste or transform it into an eco-friendly valuable resource?

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Over the next three years, Azrieli Group aims to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills from its properties by at least 50% through recycling, local treatment, and other solutions.  

Azrieli Group has 36 commercial real estate properties, housing thousands of businesses across Israel. Highly populated properties generate a large amount of waste, which largely ends up in  landfills causing environmental and health pollution. Waste reduction is a critical  step toward addressing climate change and mitigating its effects. 

Azrieli Group is building an economic model for managing waste and incentivizing tenants who take part in the endeavor. This is based on ‘Pay As You Throw,’ an existing European compliant model. The model relies on usage-pricing for disposal of municipal solid waste where users are charged a rate subjected to how much waste they present for collection and how much waste they present for landfill. Similarly, Azrieli Group is seeking now to incentivize tenants for waste measurement and disposal.