Green Building

Reduce Embodied Carbon in Construction

Building a Sustainable Future

The construction industry accounts for approximately 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Surprisingly, 40% of a building’s carbon emissions are released during its construction process, encompassing mining, production, transportation, and on-site application of materials.

At the Azrieli Group, we proactively plan and build for a sustainable future. As leaders in green building, we commit to responsible and sustainable business practices, aiming to minimize the environmental impact of our properties.

The Challenge:

Reduce Embodied Carbon in Construction

In this challenge, we invite you to consider the entire lifecycle of a building, from its initial planning phase to occupancy and long-term maintenance. We are looking for innovative solutions that not only reduce carbon emissions but also actively address the critical aspects of maintenance, operation, and durability over the years.

Requirements and Specifications

We encourage solutions that prioritize the following:

    • Carbon-reduced building materials
    • Optimization of structure planning and construction
    • Innovative construction methods
    • Carbon management in the planning process and material selection
    • Reduction of depreciation and construction waste
    • Embracing the principles of Circular Economy
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