Creating a Seamless Customer Journey in Mixed-Use Properties

Mixed-Use Properties: Enhancing the Customer Journey

The Azrieli Group is an expert in developing mixed-use properties that offer a diverse range of services and amenities. As such, we understand the importance of convenience and simplicity in ensuring customer satisfaction. Our goal is to create an exceptional customer experience that sets our properties apart from the rest.

The Challenge:

Creating a Seamless Customer Journey in Mixed-Use Properties

Our challenge is to provide an easy and smooth customer journey for individuals with different needs in our mixed-use properties. With various users, including tenants, hotel guests, office workers, and shopping mall visitors, it’s essential to tailor the services and user experience to meet their diverse requirements. We are looking for innovative solutions that can personalize the user’s journey and make each individual feel that the entire complex and its services are designed specifically for them.

Requirements and Specifications

We encourage solutions that prioritize the following:

    • Simplifying parking management, space availability and guidance
    • Streamlining entry controls to different spaces within the property
    • Providing clear directions and orientation within the complex
    • Ensuring ease of navigation for visitors with varying purposes
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