Predictive Maintenance

Real-time Fault Prevention for Electromechanical Systems

Transforming Electromechanical System Management

The Azrieli Group is committed to delivering high-quality and sustainable environments that our customers can rely on. Through proactive management and monitoring, we strive to ensure that our electromechanical systems in income-producing real estate are optimized for maximum efficiency and performance.

The Challenge:

Real-time Fault Prevention for Electromechanical Systems

Our challenge is to implement real-time fault prevention in electromechanical systems. We are looking for solutions that provide real-time fault prevention and instant alert notifications, with a strong emphasis on predictive analytics. Our goal is to achieve seamless functionality, reliability, and an enhanced tenant experience, while promoting long-term durability and minimizing disruptions.

Requirements and Specifications

We encourage solutions that prioritize the following:

    • Flexible infrastructure with full compatibility across all electromechanical systems
    • Ability to interface with third-party control systems, enabling enhanced interoperability and expanding the scope of system integration
    • Simple and user-friendly application interface that promotes ease of use
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