Senior Housing

Real-time Distress Notification for Senior Residents

Enhancing Personal Security in Senior Living Homes

The Palace Senior Housing Chain of the Azrieli Group constantly strives to improve the well-being and safety of their senior residents. Recognize the vulnerability of our residents and the need to provide them with an optimal sense of personal security.

The Challenge:

Real-time Distress Notification for Senior Residents

Accidental falls often lead to distress, especially when residents are alone in their apartments. We are looking for solutions that facilitate quick identification and immediate notification of distress situations, without relying on the resident’s active intervention. Our goal is to enhance residents’ quality of life and provide peace of mind to both residents and their families.

Requirements and Specifications

We encourage solutions that prioritize the following:

    • Compliance with cyber GDPR standards and approvals from the Standards Institution of Israel and the Israeli Communications Institute (Mandatory)
    • Non-intrusive solutions
    • User-friendly and intuitive interface for the House Operations Team, available in multiple languages
    • Preferably, indication of tenant’s condition during alert
    • Pilot implementation will initially take place in an existing Palace complex, with the goal of extending the solution to new Palace Centers in the future
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